Happy Birthday to:
Carol Menser, 6/2
Fred Carson, 6/10
Barbara Shkilevich, 6/14
MilanaVaynshtok, 6/19
Halyna Stebelska, 6/25

Happy Anniversary to
Matthew and Anya Bryant, 6/15

Happy Father’s Day
Sunday, 6/12 the children will participate in their
first Holy Confession before Liturgy (9:15am).
Please note Confession will only be for children
this day.
The week beginning 6/12 is a fast free week.
Monday, 6/20, is the beginning of the Sts. Peter
and Paul Fast!

Baba’s Kitchen is CLOSED for the summer, returning in September

Thank you to everyone for your generous
donations. Please contact me if you have
any questions.


NEW CANDLE PRICING beginning January 1st, 2022

Thin Memorial Candles – $2.00

Regular Candles – $2.00

7-day Vigils – $5.00

We haven’t raised prices since 2011.