Happy Birthday to:
Michelle Cline, 2/2
Debbie Barlow, 2/8
Michael Cline, 2/11
Richard Cline, 2/18
Denys Dankevych, 2/20
Ihor Dankevych, 2/25

Happy Anniversary to:
Richard & Olena Gugar, 2/8

Sunday school this month will be held on 2/5 and
2/19, following Holy Communion.
Annual Parish Meeting: Scheduled for Sunday
2/12 immediately after Liturgy. All parishioners
are invited to attend. Date is subject to change
depending on weather.
Baba’s Kitchen will be open for sales to the public
on Fridays from 11:00am to 6:00pm.
From 2/5 through 2/12, there is a general
dispensation for fasting (fasting not required on
Wednesday and Friday).
I would like to thank all attending parishioners for
their committed attendance and donations.