Happy Birthday to:
Ruth Lesko, 8/1
Richard Gugar, 8/19
Vadim Vaynstok, 8/24
Matthew Bryant, 8/29

Happy Anniversary to:
David & Nina Pitts, 8/30

The 45th Annual Lakewood Arts Festival will
be held Saturday 8/6 from 10a.m.-6 p.m.
All help will be much appreciated!

Baba’s Kitchen is CLOSED for the summer, returning in September

Please remember that the Dormition Fast
will be from 8/1 until 8/15 (Dormition).
We need sponsors for altar candles.
St. Mary’s Altar Society will sponsor coffee
hour with a special treat on 8/21, welcoming
the children back to school.


NEW CANDLE PRICING beginning January 1st, 2022

Thin Memorial Candles – $2.00

Regular Candles – $2.00

7-day Vigils – $5.00

We haven’t raised prices since 2011.