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                                Pascha (Easter)

Sunday, April 8 10:00 AM Paschal Liturgy 

                                                 Bless eggs & Artos)

                                                 (Bless Baskets)

Saturday, April 14 No Vespers 


Sunday, April 15 9:30 AM Liturgy (St Thomas)

                                (Cut Artos) (Bless graves at Sunset Memorial)

Sunday Meditation

His Resurrection is the proof of eternal life and the announcement of eternal life to all of mankind. His Resurrection drives away from us all confusion, gloom and sadness. His Resurrection instills serenity, courage and goodwill into the souls of men.

–Saint Nikolai Velimirovic

The Good News! Christ Is Risen!

We would like to “Thank you” for your attendance today on Pascha. We, also, would like to invite you to attend the other services throughout the year. We are now open between Easter and Christmas! So please come, join us in worship on Sundays to God who helps and protects you, not just once or twice a year, but all year round. For the schedule of services check out our website at 





Church Slavonic: Christos Voskrese! Voistino Voskrese!

Greek: Christos Anesti! Alithos Anesti!

Romanian: Hristos a Inviat! Adevarat a Inviat!

Agape Meal

After the Pascha Liturgy, we will be having an Agape Meal to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. Please share your basket of goodies with your church family. 


A great big “Thank You” to all the bakers, to those who helped clean the church, to the choir and directors, to the readers, to the altar boy, to Baba’s Kitchen, and the Altar society for making our Lenten journey successful. And for their help in keeping our church and the services beautiful Also, Thank you to all who work for our church behind the scenes, your work is truly appreciated! In addition, a very special Thank you to those who attend all the church service during Lent! God Bless you all! 

Popadija's Corner


This period of great festivity and joy finds its liturgical expression in the following manner: 

1. We greet each other with the Paschal salutation, “Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!” for 40 days, until Ascension Day. 

2. The fasting rule for Bright Week is easy to remember — do not fast! All foods are permitted until the second Wednesday after Pascha, Gluttony, however, is a temptation, and there is never a blessing to overeat.

3. We do not kneel or make prostrations either at church services or in our homes until the “Kneeling Prayers” at Pentecost. 

4. The Paschal Troparion, “Christ is Risen from the dead” is sung or said at the beginning or end of all prayers until the Leave-taking of Pascha on the Eve of Ascension. 

Christ is Risen from the dead,

Trampling down death by death,

And upon those in the tombs

Bestowing life!

5. The prayer, “O Heavenly King” is not said until Pentecost, being replaced with the Troparion of Pascha and then Ascension.

Easter Greetings

On behalf of Fr. Yves, Popadija Kathy & Family and the Sts. Peter & Paul Church Council we would like to wish everyone a Blessed Pascha. Christ Is Risen! 

Welcome Guests

We welcome all visitors to our Divine Liturgy. While Holy Communion may only be received by prepared Orthodox Christians, our non-Orthodox guests are welcome to join us in venerating the Cross and receiving blessed bread at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy.

Looking for a Church?

Our community is filled with people from all different backgrounds who have found their spiritual home in the Orthodox Church. You are invited to become part of our church family! For the schedule of services: check out our website at For any Questions? Please see Fr. Babich.

12711 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Phone: (216) 226-3382 (Church Hall)

Parish Contact:
Fr. Rev. Yves C. Babich