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                                                      Sunday after the Nativity

Sunday December 31 9:30 AM Liturgy

    Friday, January 5 6:00 PM Great Compline & Matins

For Theophany of our Lord 

    Saturday, January 6 8:30 AM Liturgy Theophany 

Bless water, No Vespers


    Sunday, January 7 9:30 AM Liturgy  

We would like to welcome everyone coming to worship with us today! We have listed all the services for January in this bulletin. Also check out our web-site for more information. Please try to attend as many services as possible. 

Sunday Meditation

You should not imagine that any cause is good which hinders peacefulness; for one good does not annul another. Get rid of any causes that undo you sense of peace, for the sake of the establishment of peacefulness.

John the Solitary

Very Rev. Yves Babich, his family, and the Church Council would like to wish everyone a Blessed New Year! 


Fast Free Period

During the twelve days of Christmas, Dec. 25th, through Theophany, Jan. 6th, we do not fast, even on Wednesday and Fridays. A one day fast is observed on January 5th, the Eve of Theophany.

Poinsettias for the Nativity

If anyone would like to donate for the Christmas Poinsettias in the name of a departed or the health of their family see George Manzuk.

Fellowship Hour

There is a Fellowship Hour sign-up sheet located downstairs. Please feel free to sign up individually or with 

someone. If you would like, you could pay for Fellowship hour and someone will buy the items for you. 

Stewards Needed

Baba's Kitchen is in need of helpers See Steve Lascola, or Marge Kupar

Workers are needed for upkeep of the church and grounds. See Paul Kopylec

Choir Interested in singing during Liturgy and/or Vespers Just Ask. 

12711 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Phone: (216) 226-3382 (Church Hall)

Parish Contact:
Fr. Rev. Yves C. Babich